Mission Statement

Efficient aquaculture production supported by high quality fish meal will be the only sustainable solution to deliver fish and fish products to the increasing world population.

Sustainable production of the most advanced fish meal and fish oil production from the US gulf menhaden fish resource. The company delivers high protein content and high digestibility meals   for the growing aquaculture production of edible fish. 

The industrial process takes place with technologies that deliver a minimum carbon footprint impact, including utilization of renewable energy and bio-fuels.

“Fishing operations are carried out with the objective of long term preservation of the fish resource and sustainable harvest”

The Company

Gulf Marine Protein Inc. (“GMP”) is a newly formed company that is set to produce Advanced Fish Protein in order to tap into unmet market needs for fishmeal and fish oil globally. The company was borne on the backs of deep industry expertise, long-standing relationships, and market-leading technologies.

The new production plant is planned to be located in Louisiana (USA), though sales will be global in their reach. The plant will be environmentally-friendly, utilizing market leading technologies provided directly from some of the company’s key partners and investors.