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David r. walker

Chief executive officer

Mr. Walker has been in the food, juice, and alcohol business for over 30 years. Mr. Walker is President of Benchmark, a family-owned business that was started by his father, Mr. Charles S. Walker, over 70 years ago. The company is the world leader in citrus process equipment fabrication, and has supplied over 95% of all the citrus concentrate, food processing, and waste heat recovery systems in the citrus industry worldwide.

Under Mr. Walker’s leadership the company has provided process design, machinery, and equipment for beer processing, fishmeal, barley dehydration, rum distilleries, sugarcane, corn ethanol, and cellulosic ethanol businesses. Mr. Walker is currently working on advanced bio-fuel ethanol projects as well as nutrient recovery and discharge water cleaning systems for sewage treatment effluent and bio-solids waste treatment systems.

Mr. Walker is General Manager of Walker Family Limited Partnership. The Walker Family Limited Partnership, through DX Resources, controls numerous technology patents and licenses.

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Edward W. Swindell


Mr. Swindell grew up in a Menhaden operation in Cameron, Louisiana run by his father. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University and has worked as a Professional Engineer in Louisiana.

Mr. Swindell was employed in the Menhaden Industry out of college with Wallace Menhaden Products as Head Engineer. He then moved on to Zapata Haynie, Corp., now Omega Protein, Inc., as Head of Technical Services. In two years, he became Senior VP of Operations and then Executive VP & General Manager. Mr. Swindell managed total operations (vessels, spotters, production) of four-plants, as well as the consolidation of five plants of Seacoast Products in 1985.

In 1995, Mr. Swindell began work with Daybrook Fisheries. He managed the development and implementation of significant changes in the total operations systems during those years that reduced cost and improved productivity and product quality. Mr. Swindell personally developed the in-line process of cleaning fish oil at Daybrook Fisheries.

In 2007, Mr. Swindell was appointed by the Governor to the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Commission. He was also nominated by the Governor and appointed in 2015 by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. 

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juan Briceno

 Chief financial officer

Mr. Briceno directs Finance and Business Development for GMP. His background includes 34 years as a CEO and CFO in the Spirits and Ethanol, with executive and financial responsibilities in multinational corporations and global operations as the former CFO of United Distillers Venezuela. Mr. Briceno is a life member advisor and former President of the Chamber of Industry for the Miranda State in Venezuela, “CIEMI.” In 1992, as the CFO of Industrias Pampero Venezuela, Mr. Briceno advised the shareholders regarding the divestiture of the company to United Distillers PLC with the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. In 1998, Mr. Briceno co-founded Geninco Investments Ltd., founded the  rum company Industrial Servibottle, C.A., and continues as the Commercial Advisor to Distribuidora Tamayo & Cia in Venezuela. Mr. Briceno also serves as Business Development Director of Benchmark Renewable Energy LLC (www. brenewable.com) in Florida. He is working in the development of Advanced Renewable Energy Projects including fuel cell aircrafts, bio-fuels, bio-jet fuels, and renewable fertilizers. Mr. Briceno holds an FAA Commercial Pilot License with over 5,000 hours of flight time.

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Richard G. Walz

Chief Science Officer

Mr. Walz has been in the process engineering industry for over 30 years. Mr. Walz has worked both inside the U.S. and internationally, and is currently the Vice President of Benchmark Design, LLC. Mr. Walz’ international experience includes working in an advisory role as the Chief of Management Information Systems of the Royal Commission of the Government of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Walz also worked as an advisor in Brazil for the Ministry of Transportation in the State of Bahia, where he focused his work on national transportation policy. Mr. Walz managed a lime citrus plant in Florida that produced pectin and lime juice concentrates. Benchmark Design, LLC provided the equipment to the lime citrus plant. In 1990, Mr. Walz joined Benchmark and was placed in charge of international sales, project development and processing. Mr. Walz was a member of the U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command with a top-secret clearance and helped develop contingency plans for nuclear war scenarios. Mr. Walz received his B.S. in Engineering Science and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University.

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Don Linville

Project Finance and Administration vice-president

Mr. Linville provides Strategic Consulting Services for corporate and real estate developers, owners and investors providing ancillary contracted CFO support. 


Services include financial modeling, project analysis, debt/equity structuring, troubled debt resolution and preparation of financing submission proposals. Clients are located across the US. 

His area of expertise includes:

• Develop economic feasibility, avoidance and minimization and financial modeling studies for national environmental firms on wetland impacted properties. Consultingwith firms, clients and engineers to develop plans that minimize wetland impact, while maximizing the client ability to develop their property. Written analyses prepared for multiple sources including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State and Local Water Management Districts and State Departments of Environmental Protection.

   • Consultation under subcontract agreement with Stillman George, Inc., a Salt Lake City investment banking services firm. Provide financial modeling expertise for international clients growing through new product introduction or acquisition and large established firms repositioning their businesses. Analysis and research of historical trends, to develop five year strategic plans, financial projections, monthly cash flows, income/expenses, personnel needs and overall budgeting. Complete Business Plans to raise venture capital. 

 • Consulting for renewable energy corporations determining and identifying viable fiscal and development strategies for securing venture capital for national expansion. 

Mr. Linville was responsible as the South East Region Vice-president for Fannie Mae of overseeing the approval of over $800 million in long term debt placement on apartment projects with a client base throughout the region. 

As a Senior Vice-President of Bank of America over a 25 year term, provided approximately $2 billion in financing for multiple project types including office, retail, industrial, manufacturing, land, multifamily, office-condominium, residential-condominium, residential land acquisition and development, single-family builder lines of credit and national home builders.